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The National Monument to the Forefathers

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Matrix of Liberty

• Order  Monumental Movie

• Follow the blueprint that
the Founders of the nation
gave us to build a free nation.
Order the 12-lesson course Monumental,
Restoring America as the Land of Liberty

with Kirk Cameron and Stephen McDowell here.

• Schedule a historic tour of the monument
with Leo Martin at the Jenney House Museum!

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The Matrix of Liberty is endorsed and/or carried by the Plymouth Rock Foundation, Pilgrim Hall Museum, Plymouth County Convention & Visitors Bureau, Providence Foundation, Jenney House Museum, Creation Xpo Museum, Foundation for American Christian Education, and American Heritage Girls.

Poster or Postcards

Poster measures 18" x 24" and ships rolled in a tube:

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Postcards measure 8: x 10"; 3 cards ship flat:

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Window Clings
Apply to glass, windows,
appliances, etc., for inside
use only. Artwork is not
visible from the outside.
Perfect for school libraries
and classrooms!

Window Cling
measures 18" x 24";
ships rolled in a tube:

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    & handling

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The Matrix of Liberty products are 100% American made!

Posters & Postcards are printed in San Antonio, TX.  Copyright 2013.

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We love what we do! "We do what we do, Because Of the Cross."


I rec'd the posters and they're beautiful.

Ron, TX

I was never taught this in school or anywhere! I bought 3.
Jody,  OK

I would love to see your poster in every classroom in America. It's beautiful!
Brad, MD

Received the poster today, It's just what I wanted!

Sandy, TX

Your hard work & dedication of making the posters will help to educate generations to come. God Bless You.

Sylvia, ARK

I'm a close follower of your country's religious freedom and was quite surprised to learn some startling truths in 'The Monument'. Astounding really. Aaron, Austrailian School Teacher