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The last frame shows a clip from the movie Monumental. Turn on your speakers and enjoy!    

The National Monument to the Forefathers

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Matrix of Liberty

• Order the  Monumental Movie

• Follow the blueprint that our founders
left us with to build a free society.
Order the 12-lesson course Monumental,
Restoring America as the Land of Liberty

with Kirk Cameron and Stephen McDowell here.

• Schedule a historic tour of the monument
with Leo Martin at the Jenney House Museum!

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The Matrix of Liberty is endorsed and/or carried by the Plymouth Rock Foundation, Pilgrim Hall Museum, Plymouth County Convention & Visitors Bureau, Providence Foundation, Jenney House Museum, Creation Xpo Museum, Foundation for American Christian Education, and American Heritage Girls.

Poster or Postcards

Poster measures 18" x 24"; printed on 100# Gloss text, ships rolled in a tube:

  $14.99 + shipping & handling

Postcards measure 8: x 10"; printed on card stock, 3 cards ship flat:

  $14.99 + shipping & handling
(total 3 cards)

Window Clings
Apply to glass, windows,
appliances, etc., for inside
use only. Artwork is not
visible from the outside.
Perfect for school libraries
and classrooms!

Window Cling
measures 18" x 24"; printed
on 8 mil vinyl, ships rolled:

   $25.99 + shipping
    & handling

Wholesale Orders

A discount is provided on orders of 10 or more Posters, Postcards, or Window Clings. Contact us here.

The Matrix of Liberty products are 100% American made!

Posters & Postcards are printed in San Antonio, TX.  Copyright 2013.


I rec'd the posters and they're beautiful.

Ron, TX

I was never taught this in school or anywhere! I bought 3.
Jody,  OK

I would love to see your poster in every classroom in America. It's beautiful!
Brad, MD

Received the poster today, It's just what I wanted!

Sandy, TX

Your hard work & dedication of making the posters will help to educate generations to come. God Bless You.

Sylvia, ARK

I'm a close follower of your country's religious freedom and was quite surprised to learn some startling truths in 'The Monument. Astounding really. It will be going up on my classroom wall soon.
Aaron, Australia

We have been blessed to have found about this monument and what it represents! Sad to see that our education system does not mention it in our history books.
Raul, TX
I will be using it in my talks and am extremely happy to share it.
Linda, AZ

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"We do what we do, Because Of the Cross!"